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Access Keys:

To help you navigate around this web site using the keyboard, we have enabled the access key functionality. Most borwsers support access keys, which allow you to navigate to specified links using a keyboard combination.

Access Key Map:

  • Access Key 0- Go to Homepage
  • Access Key 1- Go to Themes
  • Access Key 2- Go to Games
  • Access Key 3- Go to Links
  • Access Key 4- Go to About
  • Access Key 5- Go to Contact
  • Access Key 6- Go to Help
  • Access Key 7- Go to Members
  • Access Key 8- Go to Profile
  • Access Key 9- Go to Login

How to use Access keys:

  • Internet Explorer 4 - press 'ALT' and access key.
  • Internet Explorer 5+ - press 'ALT' and access key, then press ENTER.
  • Internet Explorer 4.5 for Mac - does not support access keys.
  • Internet Explorer 5+ for Mac - press 'Control' and access key.
  • Netscape 6+: - press 'ALT' ('Control' for Macintosh) and access key.
  • Earlier versions of Netscape do not support Access Keys.
  • Mozilla - press ALT ('Control' for Macintosh) and access key.
  • Safari (Macintosh) - Hold down the CTRL key and access key.
  • Omniweb (Macintosh) - Hold down the CTRL key and access key.
  • Opera 7.5+ - press SHIFT+ESC, followed by access key.